The Collection - The Disease

Dear Marjorie - My husband is 46 years old and spends most of his time playing with toy trains. He doesn't pay any attention to me these days.

Dear M - You have my deepest sympathy! Unfortunately, this condition is well known and is usually terminal. Very few people ever fully recover. However, you can turn this situation to your advantage! Trainaholics are so oblivious to their surroundings that you can bring as many men back to the house as you want - your man will never know!

Whatever you do though, don't get rid of your train fanatic - they are notoriously good at paying the bills! Blessings

When I first read this letter in a women's magazine I was shocked, devastated, mortified........

It took me a while to comprehend the truth in these words, but I am determined to 'clean up' my act.

No more trains!

The disease started .......... continue reading my incredibly boring history


Friday, July 22, 2011

Seriously Guys

Ok, so I placed my head on the chopping block and instead of chopping it off, you choose to urinate on me and stick a dahlia in my ear.  I know model railway enthusiasts are weird at their very best and are the epitomy of the square-eyed  'anorak', but the messages I have received from people concerning this blog are not good posting material.

in reply to a few of them:

'Dave from Sunderland' - shooting all the trainspotters ISN'T going to make a blind bit of difference to the population crisis in the world.  Run along to your local train station and do the maths yourself.  I am not a trainspotter in any case, but although you might see 3 or 4 of them every time you catch your local to the big city, has it occurred to you they might be the same people each day?

'Rammy' - Choo-choo's is ancient baby talk.  It really isn't a good idea to teach your baby to speak total rubbish and then have to correct yourself later.  Children have far more intelligence than most people give them credit for.  It's the stupid adults they have to be warned about!

'Ken from Boston' - thank you for your kind offer ..........but no thanks.  In any case I choose not to eat dead animals, so your salami would be weasted on me. It's just not my cup of tea - OK?

Anyone out there want to buy my trainset?