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Dear Marjorie - My husband is 46 years old and spends most of his time playing with toy trains. He doesn't pay any attention to me these days.

Dear M - You have my deepest sympathy! Unfortunately, this condition is well known and is usually terminal. Very few people ever fully recover. However, you can turn this situation to your advantage! Trainaholics are so oblivious to their surroundings that you can bring as many men back to the house as you want - your man will never know!

Whatever you do though, don't get rid of your train fanatic - they are notoriously good at paying the bills! Blessings

When I first read this letter in a women's magazine I was shocked, devastated, mortified........

It took me a while to comprehend the truth in these words, but I am determined to 'clean up' my act.

No more trains!

The disease started .......... continue reading my incredibly boring history


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hornby Dublo Class 4 Standard Tank Loco

Whilst we are on the subject of the 80000 series tank locomotives, two of them were running on my own layout, though strangely enough, they were both numbered 80054. It had crossed my mind to renumber one of them, but then it wouldn't have been authentic Hornby Dublo...... would it?

Look at that.. Only 69/6 when new! Hopefully, if you were paying attention in earlier posts you can work out how much that is in new money!


This is a really good example in excellent nick. Even the box is in very nice condition. .....corrrrr!

The HD Class 4 standard tank loco was first introduced in 1954 and was continued by Wrenn when they took over the tooling in 1964. The Wrenn products were all re-tooled to include the word 'Wrenn' on the underside of the rolling stock and locomotives (strange idea that?).

I can confirm that the real 80000 engines didn't have any name stamped underneath.

Let's have another look at that lovely cardboard box now -

I just tried unsuccessfully to find the origin of the word 'box'. Apparently, it's of Germanic descent, as is half of the English language. The other half is French derived, of course, remnants from when the Celts invaded Ireland and Wales and set about the natives with their bagpipes. Nothing remains of the French now except a bundle of unintelligible languages - Cornish, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, none of whom can understand a single word any other Celt says with the exception of whiskey. The third half of the language is that merciless French we were all taught in school!

August is a good time to visit scotland as many of the pipe players have gone away to Brittany for the annual tartan bag squeezing contest in Lorient.

Actually, ignore my jests! Pack your bags and head to Lorient instead of Scotland. The music and festivities are terrific PLUS there are fewer midges and excellent wine!

I will settle for box being of Chinese origin. Someone help me here?
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